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Hey! do you know?

You can navigate this website with
your Dreamcast, read here!!!

Hey! do you know?

You can navigate this website with your finger

Dreamcast Dreamarena, a dreamcast community online all do you know for Dreamcast

Dreamcast unofficial website for dreamcast community online, tutorials, online gaming, Dreamcast all games list

Solutions guides and tutorials for Dreamcast, how to play online with your Dreamcast, daily news, update games list

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Tag-team based online scheduling to organize your Dreamcast multiplayer

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How to navigate this website

dreamcast internet navigation
With Dreampad

Access this website with your Dreamcast and the system will generate a dedicated version with lots of content, minigames and vmu saves for you to download. Navigation with the Dreampad is a unique experience, as you will receive lcd messages and specific vibration effects.

dreampad lcd display vibration effects
dreamcast sito web
With Keyboard

You can also browse this website using only your keyboard.
- use the arrows to move in the four directions
- use ESC button for panoramic view

navigazione da tastiera
dreamcast web app
With Touch

This website is compatible with tablets and smartphones, thanks to its responsive layout.
To browse, slide with your fingers like you'd do with a presentation.

navigazione touch screen
dreamcast sito leap motion
With Gesture

YYou can also use your hands only, if you have a LeapMotion.
- 1/2 fingers: navigate to a specific point in the page
- 3 fingers: navigate between slides
- 2 hands: panoramic mode

navigazione con gesture leap motion